Solutions Provider

We provide a wide array of support and technical assistance from consultancy on IT solutions to infrastructure support


Systems Integration

We offer our expertise in Systems Integration and network infrastructures enables you to connect, communicate and conduct business with your clients anywhere in the world


Network Security

We also render our expertise in domain knowledge and network security to manage and protect your systems on your behalf in an environment of increasing digital and network risks while you can focus on your business operations



With 7 years of industry experience, our specialists are able to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues with expertise and flair


We tackle problems with a systematic and logical approach with consistency and professionalism


Our specialists takes pride in being skilled professionals providing quality services second to none


Maintaining high levels of satisfaction and service is our commitment and all services are tailored to a customer's liking

Project Methodology

We strive to deliver a consistent and quality service by adhering to the project methodology steps and to continuously improve in our processes to excel in meeting our customers' requirements.

We are committed to our proven in-house project methodology in every of our project engagement as shown below, which are separated into six different phases.


As your Business Partner, we aim for unparalleled quality of service and professionalism while offering the following services to our clients:

•To help maintain system performance

•To minimize system downtime

•To provide a team behind your IT staffs without additional overheads

•To provide end-users ad-hoc support

•To help extend your IT investment life-cycle through regular system maintenance

•To maintain legitimacy through regular asset management assessments

•To keep tab on investments (software and hardware) through regular asset management assessments

•To provide security measures to your investments.

Hassle-free Billing

Hassle-free billing with flexible choice of month-end or year-end


Regular maintenance schedules to ensure systems are in perfect condition

Fast Response

Fast response time backed by our Service Level Agreement to ensure reliability and a peace of mind

We are always constantly taking on new challenges and partnerships. Please do not hesitate to contact us for enquiries!